All About Coxbench Hall Residential Home

Coxbench Hall Residential Home is a family owned, family run care home. From the Board meetings and strategic decision making through to the day to day decisions about today’s pudding – we’re fully involved at the centre and we care.

At Coxbench Hall we understand that the decision to move into residential care, and the process of finding a care home, can be a daunting prospect whether it be short-term, permanent, or even just day-time care that is required.

Environmental considerations

Caring at Coxbench Hall extends to the environment too, and we are doing all we can to help.

  • Our gardener tends our vegetable garden, organic of course. We compost our vegetable peelings, tea bags etc for some time and this is used on our own gardens. We reduced the use of chemicals in the garden using more natural methods of weed control.
  • Most areas of the home and offices have energy saving light bulbs, and we have solar panels installed. 
  • Our residents and their families are welcome to make use of our clothing bank for their unwanted clothes, linen and towels.
  • Families with internet access are encouraged to make use of electronic invoices, newsletter, monthly events lists, and invitations and messages by email, thus saving paper and ink.

People Power

  • We pride ourselves on the person-centred care that we provide. Our dedicated staff most certainly care about each one of our residents’ needs and we try to do our best to cater for all of them, and we always have.
  • Various surveys are undertaken throughout each year including for quality generally, residents’ food preferences and quality of meals, and staff satisfaction.We act on all comments and report on surveys in our newsletter and at residents & team meetings.

Care and Quality

  • Of course we comply with the inspectorate, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Local Authority including Environmental Health, and we like to go the extra mile. We are proud to have always had a five star food hygiene rating from environmental health.
  • Ensuring compliance with the multitude of rules and regulations could make one wonder how a Care Home can then dedicate enough time to the residents, but our survey results and our reputation show that we are doing something right!


Whistle blowing and complaints: Policies and procedures are made very clear to staff and to residents and families.
Complaints and concerns should be addressed to one or more of the following:

  1. Coxbench Hall’s Office Manager possibly via the General or Duty Manager or directly to the Directors
  2. the Care Quality Commission
  3. the Local Authority
  4. the Ombudsman

We ensure, by way of posters and the Resident Handbook that residents are aware of their rights to make such contact. We undertake to deal with complaints at the earliest possible opportunity.


DE21 5BB
Company No. 01746888